Department of Computer Science & Engineering

University of Ioannina

Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality

Starts from:Mon, December 11, 2023

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Course_ID: MYE051

Weekly Hours: 5

Semester: >=6

ECTS Credits: 5

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Description: Introduction to Immersive Technologies, VR and AR applications. Human Perception & Cognition, Immersion vs. Presence, Physiology, Psychology and the Human Experience. VR Technology, Visual Displays, Motion tracking & navigation, Haptic/Tactile Feedback, Audio Displays. VR Systems, Key Components of Good Design, VR Content, VR Simulation Loop & Latency Issues. 3D User Interfaces for VR, 3D Interaction Tasks in VR: Object Selection and Manipulation, Navigation, System Control. Interaction Design Iterative Process for VR: Identify User Needs, (Re)design, Prototyping, Evaluation, Usability Testing. A Brief History of Augmented Reality & Sample Applications, AR Technology,  AR Displays, Spatial Augmented Reality, AR Interaction, AR Tracking and Registration.