Department of Computer Science & Engineering

University of Ioannina

Computer Networks I

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Course_ID: MYY703

Weekly Hours:6

Semester: 7

ECTS Credits: 7

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Description: Introduction to networking. History of network technologies and the Internet. Network architectures, types and topologies. Network Design: layered protocol design, network protocols and standards, connection-oriented and connectionless services, the OSI Reference model. Physical layer concepts: bandwidth, throughput, encoding and modulation, transmission media, error detection and correction, multiplexing. Data Link layer: framing, error control (ARQ protocols). Medium Access Control concepts: addressing, contention-based and contentionless multiple access, LAN technologies (Aloha, Ethernet, Token Ring, Token Bus, FDDI, IEEE802.11), Repeaters, bridges and hubs. Switched Networks: packet switching and virtual circuits, other switching techniques, layer-2 and layer-3 switches. Internetworking: routing. Congestion control. Introduction to Queueing systems. Transport.