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University of Ioannina

Robotic Systems

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Course ID: H5

Unit: ADVANCED COMPUTER SYSTEMS – Unit H: Hadware Systems

Weekly Hours: 4


ECTS Credits: 7

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Description: Kinematics: Direct kinematics, inverse kinematics, differential kinematics, Jacobian matrices, singularities, kinematics of mobile robots. Sensors and actuators: Actuators in Robotics, electronic subsystem, sensors, amplifiers, control system, PID control of a joint, control architecture of a mobile robot. Robotic motion planning: Robot planning and control architecture, path planning, the configuration space, obstacles in work-space, roadmap, artificial potential fields, non-holonomic constraints, motion planning of a robotic fleet. Advanced control of robotic systems: Compliance control, impedance control, non-linear control, visual servoing.