Department of Computer Science & Engineering

University of Ioannina

English for Computer Science II

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Course_ID: ΜΥΥ201

Weekly Hours: 3

Semester: 2

ECTS Credits:3.5

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Network Topologies, The Internet Protocol, Networking Applications, Algorithms, Problem-solving, Heuristics, Flowcharts, Pseudocode, Programming Languages, the Machine Language, the Assembly Language, High-level Languages, Programming Paradigms, Software Engineering, the Software Life Cycle, The Development Phase, Development Process Models, Data structures, Arrays and Stacks, Relational Databases
Academic Grammar
Formal Language characteristics, Passive Voice, Verb Patterns, Phrasal and Prepositional Verbs
Academic Writing
Cause and Effect Paragraphs, Summarizing, Paraphrasing, References and Citations