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University of Ioannina

Computational Geometry

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Course ID: A4

Unit: DATA SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING – Unit A: Algorithms and Information Technologies

Weekly Hours: 4


ECTS Credits: 7

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Description: Line Segment Intersection, the algorithm of Bentley and Ottmann. Convex Hulls in 2 dimensions, the algorithm of Kirkpatrick and Seidel. Convex Hulls in 3 dimensions, randomized incremental construction. Delaunay Triangulation in 2 dimensions, randomized incremental construction, Voronoi diagram. Line arrangements. Duality. Orthogonal Range Searching, kd-trees, range trees. Fractional Cascading. Point Location. Visibility and Guarding. Tetrahedralizations. Interval trees, priority search trees, segment trees. Other topics (e.g., Parametric Search).