Accepted Papers

Michael Shenefelt
Why Does Formal Deductive Logic Begin with the Classical Greeks?

Yannis Stephanou
"The Liar and a Theory of Truth"

Bernhard Heinemann
"`Topologic´ Can Be More Expressive"

Vladislav Nenchev
"Undecidability of Logics for Mereological and Mereotopological Relations"

Doukas Kapantaïs
"Intuitionistic Formal Semantics for Future Contingents"

Zoltan Esik and Werner Kuich
"Axiomatizing rational series"

Apostolos Syropoulos and Valeria De Paiva
"Fuzzy Topological Systems"

Kentaro Sato
"Dependent Transfinite Recursion in Second Order Set Theory"

Takako Nemoto
"Determinacy and $\Pi^1_1$ transfinite recursion along $\omega$"

Vassilios Gregoriades
"Effective Theory on arbitrary Polish spaces"

Nikolay Ivanov and Dimiter Vakarelov
"Relational Syllogistics"

David J. Foulis and Sylvia Pulmannova
"Logical connectives in lattice effect algebras"

Andras Benedek
"Two Conception of the Dynamics of Group Knowledge"

Petros Stefaneas
"On Scientific Theories and Institutions"

Garyfallia Vafeiadou
"Comparing two minimal systems for Constructive Analysis"

Panagiotis Cheilaris, John Ramirez and Stathis Zachos
"Checking in linear time if an S-term normalizes"

Antonis Achilleos
"A Multi-agent Justification Logic, Interactions and a Complexity Result"

Eugenie Foustoucos and Labrini Kalantzi
Automata-theoretic and Datalog-based solutions of Monadic Second-order Logic Evaluation Problems over Structures of bounded-treewidth"

Nikos Tzevelekos and Andrzej Murawski
"Algorithmic nominal game semantics"

Nikolaos Galatos and Kazushige Terui
"Interpolation and amalgamation for substructural logics and residuated lattices"

Georgios Fourtounis, Nikolaos Papaspyrou and Panos Rondogiannis
"The Intensional Transformation for Functional Languages with User-Defined Data Types"

Foto Afrati, Matthew Damigos and Manolis Gergatsoulis
"Rewriting real conjunctive queries using viewsets of minimal-size"