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University of Ioannina

Embedded Systems for IoT Applications

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Course ID: H4

Unit: ADVANCED COMPUTER SYSTEMS – Unit H: Hadware Systems

Weekly Hours: 4


ECTS Credits: 7

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Description: The IoT Ecosystem *Embedded Computer Devices *M2M Communications *Smart environments *Cyber-physical systems *Cloud computing, fog computing, edge computing *Fog and cloud interplay *IoT Application Constraints *Energy efficient IoT devices *Ultra-low power digital architectures and circuits Low- and zero-leakage memories (including emerging technologies) *Ultra-low power analog interfaces and analog-digital conversion *Short-range radios *On-chip power management and energy harvesting Security in IoT Devices *Circuits for hardware security and authentication *Miniaturized battery technologies *Packaging and assembly of IoT integrated systems

Terms: Embedded Computer Devices, Energy Efficient IoT Devices, Energy Harvesting for IoT, Internet of Things, Intranet Connected Devices, IoT, IoT Devices, IoT System-on-chip, M2M Communications, Security in IoT Devices, ultra-low power digital architectures and circuits, low- and zero-leakage memories (including emerging technologies), circuits for hardware security and authentication, System on Chip design methodologies, on-chip power management and energy harvesting, ultra-low power analog interfaces and analog-digital conversion, short-range radios, miniaturized battery technologies, packaging and assembly of IoT integrated systems (on silicon and non-silicon substrates), Cyber-Physical Systems, Cloud computing, fog computing, edge computing, fog and cloud interplay, smart environments.