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University of Ioannina

3D Systems on Chip

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Course ID: H3

Unit: ADVANCED COMPUTER SYSTEMS – Unit H: Hadware Systems

Weekly Hours: 4


ECTS Credits: 7

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Description: 2D Barriers, 3D SoC Integration, 3D Classification, Through-Silicon-Vias, Permanent and Temporary Bonding Technologies, Wafer Thinning, Stress Relief, Wafer Handling, Under-fill, Self Assembly, Thermal Management, Thermal Aware Architectures, Power & Thermal Integrity, Energy & Power Models, Electrothermal Simulation, 3D IC Cooling, Inductive Coupling, Power Delivery, TSV-to-TSV Coupling, TSV Current Crowding & Power Integrity, TSV Placement, Buffer Insertion, Low-Power Clock Routing, Power Network Design, Floorplanning, Gate-Level Placement, Digital/Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Applications, SoCs, GPUs and MicroProcessors, Image Sensor Applications, NoCs, Pre-bond and Post-bond Testability, 3D TAM architectures and optimization, TSV Testing, Test Flows and Cost Models